Fractured Worlds

The Search for Tech (part 4)

Having secured the security doors access code, we moved to enter into the room. The thick, heavy metal door screeched open. Sparks from hanging wires briefly illuminated the room revealing several long tables heaped with garbage, junk, and other debris. We only had a moment to look as two red hot laser blasts erupted from the room. One struck Evie in the chest and the other blasted past Hawkeye’s ear, singeing a small portion of his hair. In addition, four more Shieldbots came floating off of their bases and moved toward the door.

Gripping his ax, Mouse moved into the room with quiet, deadly intent. Hawkeye readied his bow and sent an arrow in the sensor of the laser turret. Sparks flew as his arrow found its mark.

Evie shouted out, “I don’t think that we are going to be able to just toss a blanket over these,” as she pulled her pistol. Taking aim, she fired at the laser turret and let forth a bolt of energy. The turret exploded into cascade of pieces and parts.

As usual, I stayed out of the way as Phi moved into the room. Tau, split away from her and engaged a Shieldbot hand-to-hand.



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