Level: 1
STR: 9
CON: 18
DEX: 12
INT: 12
WIS: 16
CHA: 18
Speed: 5
Heavy Bark Armor
Thorn Sheild, Roses
AC: 19
Fort: 17
Reflex: 13
Will: 15
HP: 30 Bloodied: 15
Vulnerable 5 Fire
7 Heavy One Handed Sword +1d10Con+lvl
+2 One Handed Heavy Gun +2d6 Range 10
8 Nature
8 Perception
9 Interaction
6 Stealth
Hawkoid Traits: Fly Equal To Speed
Plant Traits: +2 Bonus Fort. Vulnerable 5 Fire
Overchage +2 To Bio
Lashing Creepers Power
Terrifying Shriek Power


I Remember Once That I Was Not So Freakish: I Was A Large Venus Fly Trap, Kept In A Jar. I Was Fed Exotic Animals By My Master, Heard Stories That My Master Read To Me, Was Experimented On As My Master Often Did And I Was Watered Frequently By My Master. No Eyes, No Ears, But Only A Mouth That Could Swallow Animals Whole. I Ate Well Until My Master Planted Me Outside, Considering Me Less Than Desirable And Began A New Project. Before The Lypse Hit, I Became Hungry And Kept My Mouth Open For Anything That Might Land In It. One Day A Large Bird Landed Inside, So I Snapped Shut. That’s When It Hit. I Became Something Human. With Wings. What A Combination. My Master, Unfortunately, Did Not Survive The Lypse. I Stayed In The Home Of My Master, Educated Myself And Gave My Self A Name To Match.
Appearance: Humanoid Dryad-Like Form. Green Vines For Hair. Roots For Feet. Bright Blue Eyes. Hawk Wings, Some Feathers Some Leaves. Heavy Bark Armor With The Symbol Of An Apple. Shield Of Roses And Thorns. Heavy One Handed Sword, Shell At The Base Of The Sword. One Handed Heavy Gun That Shoots…Angry Plants?


Fractured Worlds MHarpster