Primary Origin: Felinoid
Secondary Origin: Hawkoid
Level – 1

  • Mutant Type: Dexterity; Bio; +2 to bio overcharge
  • Skill Bonus: +4 Stealth checks
  • Catlike Reflexes: +2 Reflex defense
  • Feline Speed: +1 bonus to speed while wearing light or no armor.
  • Catfall: You take no damage from falls of 50 feet or less, and you always land on your feet.
  • Skill Bonus: +4 Perception checks
  • Flight: You have a fly speed equal to your speed. While flying, you take a -2 penalty to attack rolls.
  • Critical:

Bonus Skill:

Ability Scores
Strength: x (+0) Dexterity: x (+0) Wisdom: x (+x)
Constitution: x (+0) Intelligence: x (+0) Charisma: x (+x)
Skill Bonus Skill Ability Ability Mod. Origin Mod.
Acrobatics DEX
Athletics STR
Conspiracy INT
Insight WIS
Interaction CHA
Mechanics INT
Nature WIS
Perception WIS
Science INT
Stealth DEX


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