Primary Origin: Mind Breaker
Secondary Origin: Rat Swarm
Level 5

  • Mutant Type: Charisma; Psi; +2 to psi overcharge
  • Skill Bonus: +4 Interaction checks
  • Unbreakable Mind: +2 Will defense
  • Group Telepathy: While you are conscious, you and each ally within 10 squares of you can mentally communicate with one another.
  • Skill Bonus: +4 Stealth checks
  • Swarm Defense: Resist 5 to all damage against melee and ranged attacks; Vulnerable 5 to damage from area and close attacks.
  • Crawling Mass: You can’t be knocked prone.
  • Level 2 Critical: Mind Breaker: +1d10 damage and 5 ongoing psychic damage (save ends).

Bonus Skill: Science +4

Ability Scores
Strength: 10 (+0) Dexterity: 16 (+3) Wisdom: 13 (+1)
Constitution: 14 (+2) Intelligence: 13 (+1) Charisma: 18 (+4)
Skill Bonus Skill Ability Ability Mod. Origin Mod.
+5 Acrobatics DEX +3
+2 Athletics STR +0
+3 Conspiracy INT +1
+3 Insight WIS +1
+10 Interaction CHA +4 +4
+3 Mechanics INT +1
+3 Nature WIS +1
+3 Perception WIS +1
+7 Science INT +1 +4
+9 Stealth DEX +3 +4

HP=26, AC=18, Fort=14, Ref=15, Will=18
Equipment: Light Armor, Shield, Light Ranged Gun, Draft Horse, Explorer Kit, 5 gal. fuel, Laptop (working), Lantern & 8 hours of oil, Rifle, Hand Axe, 2x Ammo


Mouse is what I’m called here. Used to be Willard but that was long ago and now I prefer “Mouse” ’cause it seems more fitting. I wasn’t always this way. It has been a while but I still remember what it was like before the ‘lypse. No, that’s not “lips” like on your face. That’s ’lypse as in the apocalypse. I’m not sure where the ‘lypse started but it seemingly ran through every world and dimension, including mine.

Regardless, before the ‘lypse I was pretty much just another humutant in the world, just like everybody else. Humutant? People, man, that’s what people called themselves in my world. I understand we were kind of like this world but we mutated faster than in this world and our people were no longer just humans. We considered us all human-mutants or humutants.

I was a psion with a psi connection to animals, specifically rodents. I could read them, understand them, and even influence them, bend them to my will. I’ve heard tell that some from this world might call me a … what was that fairy tale of old they talked about? Oh, yeah …a pied freaking piper.

But, I was just a regular guy like everybody else in my place. And I had hooked up with another humutant that had a thing with rodents. She called herself “Mina” and she was my cheese. But that’s another story. I was talking about the ‘lypse.

So I was working when the ‘lypse hit. I was doing my communication with the test rats to get their impressions … because rats are useful animals, you know. They simulate humutants in many ways, but with higher metabolic rates so that benefits or detriments show up sooner than in humutants. Good test subjects. But, I’m working in the lab when the ‘lypse hits.

I don’t even know what hit me. What I know is one minute I’m in the lab with the rats and the next minute I wake up here and the lab is gone. Wiped out, I’d guess, from the destruction around me when I woke up. Just like I had guessed the rats were wiped out. I found out different on the rats, though.

It was a porker that clued me in. I was just minding my own, trying to get a bit of food from all the debris around here when this porker comes at me with a sword. Caught me off guard and cut me good. But, it didn’t hurt as much as it should have.

He practically cut me in two and I looked down where he cut me open. That’s when I saw the rats … inside me. Not guts, but rats … all over inside me. As freaked out as I was, all I could think of was survival. Then, the rats swarmed out of me like a plague. All over that porker they swarmed, biting and clawing at him. “Die you bastard,” I thought and my mind seemed to assault his. It didn’t take long before that porker became the meal I was looking for. It’d been a while since I’d had ham.

After that, I understood what the ‘lypse did to me. It didn’t kill all the rats. It fused me with them, connected me to them like I’d never been connected before. Yeah, I still look like a humutant on the outside. Well, except for my eyes. I didn’t realize that until I had found a shiny to look into. I mean I had dark eyes before but now they’re all black. No whites to my eyes at all … like a rat’s eyes.

That’s how I got here. I don’t know if Mina survived the ‘lypse but survival is what this place is all about. I’ve learned that being a rat swarm has some advantages that I’ve learned to use. I can call forth the swarm of rats, or just a single one, as I see fit. I also don’t take as much as others when it comes to wounds from melee or ranged attacks. That porker found that out the hard way. I try to stay out of the blasts and such, though, as I seem to be more vulnerable to them. And my psi is not limited to rats, anymore. I can telecom with anybody I consider a non-hostile. You learn a few things over time.

I developed a gun to use, too. I call it my rat blastard. I can blast a rat off and hit a foe at 50 feet. Yeah, I need something to power the blast but it can use about any type of ammo (gun powder, pressure, laser, even nuclear). It’s helped me gather a few toys and such. Like this one porker came at me, once. Damn thing was riding what it called a horse. Well, after dropping the pig I was entitled to said horse and other things in the porker’s pack like his lamp, fuel and such. I also managed to scrounge up a comp out of the refuse around this place. We had comps in the lab and I know how to use them so that made things good, too.

So here I am just eking out a survival in this hell, getting by and minding my own business. Apparently somebody got wind of me because I get this note and stuff from some guy named Max at some place or org called I.D.C., whatever that stands for. I figure I’ll check out this Max factor and see what the deal is. If it’ll put ham in my belly, ammo in my hands, and protective gear on my back it can’t be all bad.

As I get close to the meet, I see another thing there. There’s a cat bird man thing sitting there with a comp. And there’s this couple of chicks and one of them has a horse, too. Other one is doing something on her comp. So I ask them if they’re here for the Max factor and they confirm. Could get interesting.


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