Evie's Travel Log

Evie L. Vance

The group moves further into the Science Center through an open door. The long narrow corridor Willard announces, “It’s safe!” and Hawkeye follows close behind. Unfortunatley the comment “It’s safe!” alerted the HOOPS! The “stealth” like movement interrupted the two HOOPS repairing a ROBO.

“Hail, Ceaser!” shouted the first HOOP and the party prepared to defend themselves against Bunny creatures “dressed” in Roman armour. The second HOOP and the ROBO entered the battle, also joined the battle.

My Light gun was out of amo and I needed to rely on my Radioactive skill. I took fire damage and was able to continue to fight. We stopped the two HOOPS and directed our weapons toward the ROBO. The party continued to damage the ROBO and finally the ROBO was de"feeted" by a swift kick from me. While the ROBO’s lights blinked for the last time; the party began to search the room.

Results of the search:
The HOOPS were part of the “NEW ROMAN” Legion
The Hoops were “dressed” in printed clothes that resembled Roman-style armour
aka false “Ceaser dressing”

Two Rifles
Phi rec’d a Rifle with amo
Williard rec’d a Rifle without amo


Tool Kit +1 Bonus Checks to Mechanics
Evie rec’d

Misc. Tech Parts
Evie found pieces parts “ammo” to reload Light gun
The remaining parts, we saved to return to Max

Evie made notes in her journal to share with Max regarding:
ROBOs decsription and vulnerability
ROBO parts
HOOPS description
Memo to self—- ask Max for additional tools or “tool kits”

Max explained objectives
1. Find stones
2. Find data sticks (logs with information)
2a. Find the delux switch for ROBO
2b. Salavage technology

Return items to Headquarters for an upgrade

March 3, 2011

Max showed the adventurers a map with the following three locations identified; Science Center, Federal Reserve Building, and the Cleave Land Public Library. The party selected the Science Center.

The Science Center was locked and the only “odds” the adventurers faced was a key pad. The key pad was carefully examined and the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 were well worn. The code was entered in “orderly” manner 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. Upon entering, the generator hummed and the lighting system flickered to life, and four RSD were promptly alerted. The RSD (ROBO Security Division)appeared.

The party attacked the RSDs and during the battle realized light negatively affected the security disks. After three disks were defeated, a fifth and the largest of ROBOs entered the room. The last two ROBOs were defeated and the party searched the room.

Found objects:
Bottle of Pinot, 2008 = a bottle of vinegar
Collected parts of ROBO’s to create a “Lazer Tazer” pistol
One-handed weapon:
Close Blast x2
+2 Accuracy
D4 Electricity

The party have

Evie's Travel Log

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