• Locate the DHD stones.
    • Max indicated that a local porker named Boss Hog is rumored to have one of the stones. He is currently located in his fortress in the Federal Reserve Building.


  • Find Initech TPS Codex Data Logs.
    • These data sticks contains various types of information sources and are used to increase the efficacy of the mainframe database.
  • Salvage Tech
    • Return any found technology salvage to HQ in order to upgrade the base of operations.

Rumors & Secrets

  • Message from Beyond
    • When the machine was activated in the Science Center, a message appeared on the screen. Promising that “I’ll be in touch…”


  • Journey to the I.D.C.
    • Follow the directions to a pyramid on an old lake and take to someone named Max.
  • Locate a RoboCo Snack Machine Dimensional Flux Switch.
    • The snack machine in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is on the fritz and will sporadically only produce stale Twinkies and Cupcakes. A new Dimensional Flux Switch is required in order to make the machine fully operational.


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